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Hot Tub Chemicals

Even the best hot tubs, spas, and swim spas require care and maintenance on a regular basis. And it is at this stage that the majority of individuals make a critical error by failing to use the right chemicals. As a result, if you want your hot tub to perform effectively, you must understand what steps to do. The Hot Tub Fixer is your one-stop shop for all of your hot tub chemical and supply needs. For our customers, we provide complete service and support. When it comes to chemicals, we carry a number of well-known national brands to help you keep your hot tub in tip-top shape.

Ellensburg Hot Tub Chemicals & Supplies

pH Adjustment Products

You should have pH increaser and decreaser on hand for your hot tub in order to keep the pH balance in check. If your pH is low, you’ll use a pH increaser, and if it’s high, you’ll use a pH decreaser, as the name suggests.

No Chlorine Shock

A shocking agent releases oxygen into the water, which works in the same way as chlorine does. For a short period, shocking the water raises the overall chlorine level above the recommended threshold. The procedure sanitizes the water and removes contaminants such as chloramines and germs.

Sequestering Agents

Calcium and heavy metals are removed from your water with the help of a sequestering agent. Metals and minerals can cause your hot tub water to turn an unappealing color, such as brown, red, orange, or green.


When people enter the hot tub from the outside environment, germs and bacteria enter the water. A sanitizer maintains the water’s pH balance and makes it safe to bathe in. You can use either chlorine or bromine as a disinfectant.


This solution will minimize frothy hot tub water temporarily. What is the source of foamy hot tub water? Body oils, cosmetics, lotions, and other items are frequently the cause. Prevent frothy water by having defoamer on hand.


Calcium hardness will be checked when you test the chemical levels in your hot tub water. If not adjusted, your hot tub water may get frothy or cloudy. You may also observe scale build-up or, worse, metal component damage.

Ellensburg WA Hot Tub Supplies

Looking for Hot Tub Supplies in Ellensburg, WA? The Hot Tub Fixer carries everything on hand you need to service and balance your hot tub’s pool chemistry. Contact us to see what we have in inventory. Convenient Hot Tub Supplies and servicing Ellensburg, Snoqualmie Pass, Easton, Ronald, Roslyn, Cle Elum and South Cle Elum in Kittitas County & Upper Kittitas County.